Annual Parish Meeting 2019

Present: parish councilors: Gill Ashby (Chair), David Burgis, Louise Cotton, Marlene Hoad, Trevor Hoad, Robert Kilbourn and 9 parishioners.

Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30 pm on Monday 20 May 2019 in the Village Hall


  1. Apologies from Anna Long (Kettlestone Charities), Judith Kilbourn (History Project), Mary Townsin (PCC) were accepted.
  2. The Minutes of last meeting on 21 May 2018 were approved and signed.
  3. Short presentations from village groups
    1. Parish Council (Parish Clerk) Kettlestone Parish Council Annual Report for APM May 2019
    2. Parochial Church Council (via email from Mary Townsin) All Saints Report Annual Parish Meeting May 2019
    3. Village Hall/Social Club (Erica Bishop) Village Hall Report for the Annual Parish Meeting May 2019
    4. Kettlestone Charities (Judy Manual) Kettlestone Charities Annual Report 2018-19
    5. Any other village groups
      1. History Project (from Bridget Fielden and Judith Kilbourn) Kettlestone History Project Report for APM May 2019
  4. Any matters which the public wish to raise or discuss. None.

Meeting closed at 7.50 pm