Village Hall

Village Hall Committee members 2021:

Graham Cliff, Ken and Clare Kay, Corinne Merrick, Trevor Hoad (our Parish Council representative) and Erica Bishop.


Following the Annual General Meeting which was held on 16th May 2019, we are delighted to welcome two new members to the Committee:  Corinne Merrick has very kindly offered to act as Secretary and Louise Cotton has joined us as our new Parish Council Representative.  We are very sad to say “goodbye” to Pam and thank her for all her contributions to the hall over a number of years.

We are keen to welcome all Kettlestone residents, their friends and relations to the hall, and would like to invite everyone to come and see us and the new facilities we are able to offer.  The hall is open on Friday evenings when the bar is open between 7 – 9 pm and carpet bowls, snooker and other board games are played regularly.  We are very pleased that we have now purchased a new cooker.  We have also purchased and installed a PA sound system thanks to an anonymous donation.  If you need any further information about the Social Club or Village Hall activities, please don’t hesitate to phone me on 01328 878834 or email [email protected]

Hall Bookings

Bookings for the hall and contact for ticket sales – Ken Kay (tel 822081);

JIGSAW LIBRARY We have a number of jigsaws to loan out. The cost is £1 per jigsaw – no time limit.

Committee 2018-19:

Chairman – Erica Bishop; Treasurer – Clare Kay;  Maintenance – Graham Cliff; Bar – Ken Kay/Graham Cliff; Table tennis – Graham Cliff; Parish Council representative – Pam Whitehead

Policy for dogs in the Village Hall

At the Village Hall Committee meeting on 9 May 2018 it was agreed that dogs would be allowed in the village hall.  However, those who prefer not to have dogs around them should not feel excluded from attending events in the hall.  Dogs will only be allowed in the hall on a Friday evening – except when there is carpet bowls. They must be kept under very close control and on the understanding that they are quiet and well-behaved.

One of the reasons for adopting this policy is that it was suggested a number of people who might go to the bar on a Friday did not do so because they could not take their dog.  We are keen to encourage use of the bar on Fridays, however not to the exclusion of either dog owners or non-dog lovers.

This policy will be reviewed regularly as the committee wants to be as inclusive as possible.