Graveyard Maintenance February 2021

Many people will have noticed that the yew trees outside the Church porch have been removed.  We have had lots of positive comments, and I hope most villagers will agree that it is nice to be able to see the porch and war memorial as you go up the path from the lych gate.

view of the porch at All Saints following the removal of overgrown treese have put some stump killer into both the yew stumps as they would sprout again without treatment.  We have also taken the opportunity to do the same thing with the old ash stump nearer the gate.  The treatment should not be touched – the plugs are tightly capped – and are safe as long as they are not tampered with.

photo of cracked table tomb

You may also have noticed that we have had to fence off the table tomb under the lime tree to the left of the war memorial.  The top stone has shattered in the frost and has become very unstable.  We are seeking advice from Diocesan sources and listed contractors as to what we do now.  The tomb is not listed.