Annual Parish Meeting Minutes and Reports May 2016

Annual Parish Meeting at 7.30 pm on Monday 16 May 2016 in the Village Hall


Members of the Parish Council: G Ashby (Chairman), D Burgis, S Hipkin, M Hoad, P Whitehead (Vice-Chairman); A Green (District Councillor), D Ramsbotham (County Councillor), and 7 members of the public


  1. Apologies for absence: T Rivett, A Long (Kettlestone Charities), M Townsin (PCC)
  2. The Minutes of last meeting on 18 May 2015 were approved and signed
  3. Short presentations from village groups. (Reports can be viewed by clinking on the relevant link below).
    1. Parish Council Annual Report 05 16
    2. Surveyor’s Allotment: A report had been received from Mark Webster (from Norfolk Wildlife Trust and The Conservation Volunteers) following a site visit. It outlined possible projects and costs.
    3. Kettlestone PCC report 05 16
    4. Village Hall Report 05 16
    5. Garden Club report 2015-16
    6. Kettlestone Book Club report 05 16
    7. Kettlestone Charities Annual Report 2015-16
  4. Any matters which the public wish to raise or discuss.
    1. It was noted that a new cabinet for superfast broadband was due to be installed at the junction at Manor Farm.

The Chairman thanked contributors for their reports and noted that it was amazing that such a small village had such a range of interesting group.

Meeting closed at 8 pm